Corporate Crime Blotter

Aug 11: Investment firm Benchmark sues boardmember / ex-CEO Kalanick for & breach of contract / duty
Aug 9: 60+ female current & former employees are mulling a lawsuit alleging & pay disparities
Aug 6: French court: $1.25 MILLION for whipped cream canister that cracked woman's skull — follows DEATH from similar cause
Aug 5: Female engineer suing for "pervasive" and — paid less, denied promotions, and retaliation
Aug 5: / bro found guilty of 3 fraud charges for deceiving investors in 2 failed hedgefunds ⚖️
Jul 25: Judge more than doubles $234 MILLION fine on for continued infringement on University of Wisconsin patent
Jul 24: Australian consumer agency sues for marketing "fruit & vegetable" bar that's 68.7% as healthy for kids
Jul 21: U.S. fines $2 MILLION for ignoring 2014 sanctions on Russia for forcibly annexing Ukraine's Crimean peninsula
Jul 13: " agreements are increasingly used to divert not people, but corporations from criminal charges"
Jun 18: in talks with major U.S. film studios to resolve charges of against female directors