Corporate Crime Blotter

Feb 28: Suit: Only fraction of $7 BILLION in 2016 donations via reached 1+ million nonprofits — rest not registered
Feb 28: to pay $1.2 MILLION in suit for violating 2006 law with store-receipt payment info
Feb 24: DoJ's Corp Healthcare Fraud unit targets public companies (hospitals, pharma, medical device firms) ripping off govt
Feb 23: 's self-driving car project sues for "concerted plot to steal trade secrets and intellectual property"
Feb 23: faces at least 3 lawsuits by ex-employees in 2-3 countries for or verbal abuse by managers
Feb 23: Many companies force employees to settle claims via private instead of suing in court
Feb 22: "Arguments about Trump are a distraction from the government’s persistent failure to curb & "
Feb 21: UK Financial Conduct Authority investigating compliance with & other controls
Feb 17: scion arrested for , , hiding assets and to get gov OK for corp restructuring
Feb 16: Chicago fines senior exec & ex-Obama campaign manager / aide $90,000 for illegally lobbying Mayor Rahm Emanuel