Donations to CounterCorp can take many forms — financial contributions, providing goods and services, sponsorships, and volunteering your time, skills, and experience.

Financial Contributions


The easiest way to donate to CounterCorp is online — through the secure PayPal account of our non-profit fiscal agent, Independent Arts and Media — by clicking on the button below:


If you'd rather donate by mail, you can send contributions in any amount by check (made out to "Independent Arts and Media", with "CounterCorp" in the memo line) to:

c/o Independent Arts and Media
P.O. Box 420442
San Francisco, CA 94142


If you find a small monthly donation more affordable than one larger contribution, we can arrange a recurring gift of $5 or $10 a month — which is roughly equivalent to buying CounterCorp a craft beer or glass of decent wine once a month. (We'll also accept those things, too.)


You won't even notice such a small amount over the course of a month, but collectively these donations help provide a steady source of support that lets us focus on organizing the Film Festival and other programs.


Goods and Services


If you'd prefer to donate goods or services instead of funds, send us an e-mail (by selecting the "Making a donation" category on the contact form) and let us know what you'd like to offer. If it's something we can use, we'll gladly provide you with a receipt that you can use to deduct the value of your contribution from your taxes.


Donations to CounterCorp are tax-deductible.