CounterCorp supports non-profit organizations, worker-owned and collective enterprises, and small businesses as community-based alternatives to the current unsustainable and anti-social corporate model.


We have collaborated with dozens of non-profit groups during the Film Festival, by inviting them to send staff members to be speakers for our post-screening Q & A's, distribute literature and other materials at our events to help Festival audiences become better informed on the issues, and by bringing members of the communities that they serve to watch and discuss films that are relevant to their missions.


Non-profit organizations that would like to collaborate with CounterCorp to advance their missions — or worker-run and small businesses that would like to support CounterCorp in exchange for public recognition on our website and at our events (as well as other benefits) — should send us an e-mail by selecting the "Sponsorships" category in the contact form.

Donations of money, goods, or services to CounterCorp are tax-deductible.