Corporate Crime Blotter

May 23: Nigerian gov't suing for ~$6.4 BILLION on behalf of communities affected by 2011 .
May 23: 4 UofCA@Berkeley students are suing for scanning their emails without consent to mine for data
May 23: to spend $100 MILLION to compensate ~168,000 consumers of 2016 Enclave, Traverse & Acadia for false MPG stickers
May 23: : van software that terminates under certain conditions "to protect engine" is legal
May 22: lawsuit: devices too inaccurate to track heart-rate or fitness, but marketing implies otherwise
May 19: Lawsuit: , , , , and rigged global SSA bond prices since 2005
May 18: "Majority of mortgages issued during don't have chain of title proving that banks actually own them"
May 18: president / COO & VP resign after company admits falsifying data for 25 years — CEO remains
May 18: Japan's 4th-largest automaker admits it didn't follow govt rules to test fuel efficiency of 2.1 million cars
May 17: Multiple lawsuits say co-formulant in besides are not as as claims