Corporate Crime Blotter

Jul 29: could owe $3-5 BILLION in (+ interest/penalties) for mispricing assets sent to Irish subsidiary
Jul 29: WA fines $176 MILLION for rigged NOx emissions that degraded state , citizens' health
Jul 29: UPDATED: Prof. Robert Jenkins' partial list of bank misdeeds and acts currently under investigation
Jul 29: 3 execs sentenced for biggest in Irish corporate history: hiding 's $8 BILLION loss
Jul 28: "The world's largest corporation says most of its profits come from a few hundred people in Ireland — that's "
Jul 27: ignores 7th IRS summons to appear and present internal documents detailing its international tax structure
Jul 27: NLRB asks admin law judge to order start-up to stop illegal policies against employees
Jul 25: Under 2015 law, fines last adjusted for inflation in 1990 to rise ~80% on Aug. 1, thence indexed for inflation
Jul 21: likely to pay ~$200 MILLION fine resulting from criminal & civil probes of in Asia hiring
Jul 20: MA/MD/NY lawsuit: involved 24+ engineers, managers & board — including current & previous CEOs