Corporate Crime Blotter

May 6: June 21: to give details in U.S. federal court of final plan for buying back or modifying ~500,000 with rigged exhausts
May 6: Brazil prosecutors sue , & mine for $44 BILLION for ~19 DEATHS & severe eco damage from dam break
May 6: to ban 's disingenuous subterfuge to evade suits for deceitful banking practices
May 5: Judge lets plaintiffs see gun company documents on how, to whom they market military-style assault rifles
May 5: hires rent-a-coat industry consultants to defend its myth that "light" are safer
May 4: Government may also prosecute for in distribution of shares in company 💸
May 4: U.S. adds 35+ MILLION inflators — tied to 10 DEATHS & 100+ injuries — to largest in history
May 3: loses $55 MILLION lawsuit for insufficient warning about risk from in its products
May 3: "The lacks adequate enforcement capability, but the perception is that it won't pursue cases"
May 3: " un-case is further proof that ’s chief regulator failed to do its job in "