Corporate Crime Blotter

Mar 27: UK court says #Google can face trial for "secret tracking & collation of information, of an extremely private nature"
Mar 24: Current #GeneralMotors faulty-ignition death toll: 74. 126 injured & 1,300+ cases pending. Estimated cost $600 MILLON
Mar 24: Italian prosecutors complete probe of #Apple for $964+ MILLION in #TaxEvasion from 2008-2013, could lead to trial
Mar 22: Until the 2008 financial crisis, British authorities had never prosecuted anyone for #insidertrading. #FCA #hedgefund
Mar 20: RT @consumerist: BMW Settles FTC Charges That It Required Consumers To Use Specific Parts, Service Centers Or Lose Warranties
Mar 20: RT @consumerist: Graco Agrees To Pay $3M Fine For Delayed Reporting Of Car Seat-Buckle Complaints
Mar 20: RT @consumerist: T-Mobile Illegally Restricted Employees' Right To Discuss Workplace Issues, Join Unions
Mar 20: After 6 years and $2+ MILLION, #Walmart puts $7,000 #OSHA fine for employee KILLED on #BlackFriday 2008 “behind it”
Mar 19: #ATandT to pay $40 MILLION for #PatentInfringement after 18 lawyers & assistants didn’t read court documents #karma
Mar 19: #SEC: More than 50% of the audits of #PrivateEquity firms reveal theft & other serious violations of securities laws