Corporate Crime Blotter

Jun 30: get suspended sentences for revealing illegal corporate tax deals
Jun 29: : 's uses -type rigging, seeks $2K per car &
Jun 25: MI AG sues two companies for and that contributed to and exacerbated water crisis
Jun 25: Spanish tax agency investigating corporate tax, VAT, and income tax that shell company paid from 2009 – 2012
Jun 25: SEC: Energy company CEO defrauded investors of ~$80 MILLION, manipulated stock to fund opulent lifestyle
Jun 23: Sources: to pay $10+ BILLION in compensation, remediation & fines for emissions since '09
Jun 23: faces nearly $4 BILLION loss from 25-year that forced it to sell 1/3 of company to .
Jun 22: CA teachers sues for losses due to — damages could reach $792 MILLION
Jun 22: German prosecutors probing ex- at behest of financial regulators for hiding news
Jun 22: group: board oblivious to years of in need of "radical" culture overhaul