Corporate Crime Blotter

Aug 25: Multiple lawsuits: Corporate & other big 401(k) sponsors ignore role, profit by exploiting workers' money
Aug 22: : to pay extra $410,000 to borrowers for illegal fees, failure to update inaccurate .
Aug 19: "UK corporations are implicated in abuses abroad & criminal law violations such as & "
Aug 19: : replacements for damaged devices under warranty are & thus not "equivalent to new"
Aug 18: EPA fines $15 MILLION for selling ~13,000 uncertified motorcycles & parts to de-certify 340,000 more
Aug 18: settles EPA lawsuit for selling 12,000+ uncertified motorcycles and parts to de-certify 340,000 more
Aug 18: Lawsuit: used deceptive prices, kickbacks & accounting tricks to avoid generic competition, inflate profits
Aug 18: to pay 3,200 workers $1.3 MILLION in & $2+ MILLION fine for paying < for 4 years
Aug 17: loses appeal of $6.7 MILLION Russian fine for preferential treatment of apps in phone OS
Aug 17: What group of Americans steals the most from their fellow citizens every year? Employers who engage in ""