Corporate Crime Blotter

Oct 3: FCC fines #Marriott hotel chain $600K for blocking guests' personal Internet to make them pay $$ to use hotel's wi-fi
Jun 12: #Intel loses appeal of $1.44 BILLION fine (4.15% of 2008 turnover) from EU for paying its customers to buy its chips
May 14: #Samsung apologizes for trying to bury #documentary on workers’ #leukemia from exposure to chemicals at its factories
Apr 25: The telecom industry wants you to get mugged so that it can sell you insurance / a new phone #profitingfromcrime #$$$
Nov 13: Italy investigating #Apple for hiding more than $1.3 BILLION in profits from authorities in 2010 and 2011 #taxfraud
Sep 24: #NCUA sues #JPMorgan, 12 more banks for defrauding credit unions by gaming #LIBOR in $2.4 billion of securities sales
Aug 25: #EmeritusSeniorLiving to pay $2.2 million for under-paying workers, violating other Calif. labor laws from 2007–2013
Aug 19: #FERC fines #JPMorgan a record $410 MILLION for #fraud in manipulating electricity markets in California, mid-West
Aug 18: UK investigation of #NewsCorp / #Fox as 'corporate suspect' in phone hacking & bribery "threatens licenses, company"
Aug 15: With 5-year statute of limitations, no senior Wall Street execs will face civil suits for 2007 / 2008 #FinancialFraud