Corporate Crime Blotter

Apr 20: #SEC fines #BlackRock Advisors $12 million for failing to eliminate/disclose portfolio manager’s conflict of interest
Apr 20: #ProcurementFraud by anonymously owned companies may be up to 25% of government spending: $2+ TRILLION #transparency
Apr 17: Dutch prosecutors launch criminal investigation into #Uber ban violations as service continues (via @Consumerist)
Apr 17: Federal judge rules #WellsFargo’s denial of loan modifications breached 2010 adjustable-payment #mortgages settlement
Apr 17: “#SwissBanks hold at least $2 TRILLION that customers haven’t declared in their home countries” (via @nickshaxson)
Apr 16: Deferred prosecution agreements #DPA’s are now “get-out-of-jail-free cards for the biggest corporations in the world”
Apr 15: FDA tells #KindBar manufacturer that its snacks can’t legally be called “healthy” and it must change labels / website
Apr 15: #NeimanMarcus violating #FTC agreement by “falsely or deceptively misrepresenting real fur as fake” via @Consumerist
Apr 14: #Walmart facing class-action suit for manipulating employee classifications to illegally deny managers overtime pay
Apr 14: #NLRB: #McDonalds management practices make it a “joint employer” with its franchisees & accountable for their crimes