Corporate Crime Blotter

Feb 13: Argentine farmers to regulators: using market power to get illegal on 2nd-gen soy
Feb 12: faces for intentionally putting false info on pricetags to mislead shoppers about discounts
Feb 12: offers to pay $28.5 MILLION to settle suit over its fees and claims for driver background checks
Feb 11: CEO resigns, CA investigating whether firm helped some of its agents obtain licenses illegally
Feb 11: What the Shkrel: IRS files $4.5 MILLION federal tax lien against former drug company CEO & greedy pig
Feb 11: SEC investigating for creative that defers 747 & 787 production costs onto future unbuilt planes
Feb 11: SEC fined $80 MILLION for misstating earnings. Three & sales execs also paid fines.
Feb 11: Italian prosecutors are investigating 5 managers over allegations the firm evaded $257 MILLION in taxes
Feb 11: to pay $3.2 BILLION for "misleading investors" (or "committing ") in
Feb 10: Families of U.S. citizens killed by Mexican suing for allowing syndicates to launder billion of $